Hello All

So. I’ve thought and thought about starting a blog but that’s all I ever did. Think about it. Actually doing it? Nope. Nada. Well… today is the day! The day I face my fears of writing publicly and just do it! So, here goes nothing!

I wanted to start a blog for people who have Arnold-Chiari Malformation. For those who may read this and don’t know what that is, to put it into simple terms, it’s where the brain is too big for the skull. Fun right!? From this “small” issue you can imagine it creates some crazy symptoms and health problems! Once it finally gets diagnosed and people don’t think your clinically insane, it’s still the most crazy roller coaster ride you’ve ever been on! (For real, I spent 2 years being told nothing was wrong) My hope is that I can help people with Chiari or any illness or disease, for that matter, just stay POSITIVE! Positivity is KEY when battling a chronic illness! I hope I can accomplish this and you’ve enjoyed my first blog post EVER!



A Chiari Warrior


Hello world!

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